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Greetings! My name is Joseph. I know you’ve come to this page to learn more about me but I have to warn you now that I’m terrible when it comes to talking about myself. It’s not a self-esteem problem (god knows!) but more that it’s just difficult for me because I don’t think much about the past and what I’ve “done.” Most all of my time is spent thinking about what I’m going to do NEXT and how I can become a better person. So with that said, this page will be more about what I want to DO rather than what I’ve DONE.

Donc, here’s a mini-bio of my past…

I spent my youth in Arizona and Indiana. It didn’t take me long to figure out “the stork dropped me off in the wrong place.” By that I mean practically *every* thing about me didn’t “fit” with any of my family. (i.e. being the only gay in my town, first to finish college, first to travel to Europe, first agnostic, etc.) If it would have been up to my family, I would have gone off to the military, got married (to a woman) and then settled in as a small farmer in southern Indiana.

Well, obviously (and thankfully) that didn’t happen. In fact, once I graduated high school and left for college, I started to learn about myself and become an entirely different person. After A LOT of experimenting with life’s pleasures (don’t ask), I finally realized that I’m like everyone else except I’m ME. By that I mean just when I think I’m the weirdest person on earth, I realize there are tons of people who are thinking exactly the same way as I do.

What seems to make me different than others is my outlook on life. I want to learn every single thing I can, experience every thing and share the best of what I find with others. I spent much of my life as an educator and truly love being able to share new things with others.

I included the Rick Steves’ video above because I feel that he summarizes best what I’ve come to believe; travel brings the world closer together. I find many Americans very myopic. Still, to this day, less than half of Americans hold a passport! I believe that when we understand how large the world really is by experiencing cultures different than our own, we begin to question certain things. It’s like *forcing* new data into your brain that you otherwise wouldn’t accept and it expands your human consciousness. was created so that I can share my unique perspective about learning and life. It’s a place where, for the first time, I am going to allow myself to just be me; warts and all. I’m going to share opinions that I believe that others might not. I hope people will get involved in the conversation.

MGTG is not exclusively about “gay travel destinations” but rather a gay guy’s thoughts on travel, in general. People who are gay, straight or otherwise are welcome here. Whether you are one on of my tours or just reading from afar, I just want us to learn and grow together.

Finally, I think you’ll find the site mostly about “cultural travel.” Most of what I’m passionate about has to do with understanding “advanced” cultures. So, for example,¬†snorkeling¬†in the galapagos may be an amazing travel experience but it doesn’t engage my mind. And since I’ve come to realize I can’t experience *everything* on the planet, I’ve decided to focus on the things that make me think about humans, consciousness, civilizations, etc. If I were ever to go snorkeling, I’d want to see ancient underwater ruins of a past civilization to see what I could learn about their culture and how it fits in with the rest of human evolution.