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Christmas in Paris

I can hardly believe it’s been almost 1 year since I arrived in Paris.  Last night I was walking around the streets and noticed Christmas decorations and lights going up everywhere.  When I arrived last year it was 1 week before Christmas and I remember thinking, this is a beautiful side of Paris that most people never see.

We’ve seen photos of almost every monument in Paris, right?  Heck, I think I’ve taken a photo of every monument myself!  But Christmas-time in the City of Light, we don’t see that very often.

So, here’s my idea… for the next month or so, I’m going to go out and try to capture “Christmas in Paris.”  But, I need your help!  I’m going to pass around a “collection hat” and ask for donations.  If you like Paris (or me), maybe you would consider donating $10 or more because I need a little help paying for this project.  I’ve got the camera and the time but I need to buy a tripod and a BUNCH of metro tickets to get around to the locations and a couple surprise HDR things you’ll see.  You can make a secure donation to my PayPal account using your credit card here:

And if you’re wondering what I have in mind, here are a few examples of the photos I would like to take. With your help, I can take many more.  Please consider making a small donation.  If all of my friends donate just $10, I will be able to complete this project.  Think of it like a KickStarter campaign; a “JosephStarter” !

Lights on the Champs
Lights on the Champs


Photo credit: <a href=""> frisamusic</a>
Photo credit: frisamusic


Photo credit: <a href="">Leonce Markus</a>
Photo credit: Leonce Markus


Photo credit: <a href="">Pascal</a>
Photo credit: Pascal


Photo credit: <a href="">Isabelle Filippini</a>
Photo credit: Isabelle Filippini


Christmas in Paris
Christmas in Paris


Photo credit: <a href="">Trey Ratcliff</a>
Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff



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